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...Los Angeles

The latest Sports Illustrated Swimwear issue features, Elle Macpherson, Rebecca Romijn, Rachel Hunter, Daniela Pestova, Elsa Benitez and Yamila Diaz-Rahi on the cover but where is the swimwear?

The world's top supermodels are topless except for strategically placed cupped hands. The photo was shot at Harbour Island,  Bahamas by photographer Raphael Mazzucco.

For years people have been debating what the Swimwear Issue has to do with sports but now the Publishers will also have to answer to what it has to do with swimwear.

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..Feature Archive
...New York

Fashion designer Oleg Cassini passed away in Long Island at the age of 91.

Cassini is best known as the man that dressed Jacqueline Kennedy during the Camelot years in the White House years from 1961 to 1963. He put her in simple geometric dresses made out of sumptuous fabrics and pill box hats.

According to legend it was President Kennedy who recommended Cassini who was relatively unknown at the time. He was born in Paris to ex-pat Russian parents and had worked in Hollywood for a number of years before dressing the First Lady. Jackie was only 31 when her husband was elected as the Chief Executive.


...New York

Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima was voted the "The World's Most Voluptuous Virgin" by the GQ magazine.

The Brazilian bombshell has so far resisted the charms of Derek Jeter and Lenny Kravitz whom she both dated.

"Sex is for marriage," she says. "[Men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there's no respect, that means they don't want me."

<< Adriana Lima during Victoria's Secret Spring/Summer 2006 Collection in New York.
Photo: Randy Brooke

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According to the London Daily Mirror Kate Moss is anything but over Pete Doherty. The newspaper reported Moss is planning to holiday in the South of France for the troubled rock star for a “birthday surprise”.

The supermodel is allegedly still trying to keep their rekindled relationship a secret to avoid it having a negative impact on her recovering career. According top the tabloid "She's really worried that he's going off the rails and feels a quiet, romantic break away from prying eyes is exactly what he needs.”


British born singer/actress Jane Birkin ditched her oversized famous Hermes Birkin bag claiming that it was responsible for her tendonitis.

The bag was specially designed for her in the eighties after she accidentally spilled the contents of her too-small bag onto the Hermes designer on a plane. It soon became a must have status symbol and sold for around $6,000.00.

Birkin was quoted as saying ... “That bloody thing. I told Hermes they were mad to make it. My one was always full and it ended up giving me tendonitis.”

Barkin lived most of her professional life in France and is best known for her erotic song "Je T'aime Moi Non Plus."

...New York

The catwalk will finally live up to its name when dogs join cats on the runway for New York 's first pet fashion week in August.

The shows will feature handpicked, internationally established and up-and-coming designers. According to the organizers website “The intention is to provide a glimpse into what the future of pet fashion might hold and possibly shock spectators with cutting-edge haute couture and street-ready fashion.”


Beatle magic failed to work on the Canadian Government after Paul and Heather McCartney's much publicized trip to stop the seal hunt to the ice flows off the coast of Newfoundland.

The administration reacted by increasing the quota over last year's limit. Some of Heather's other recent in your face fur antiques that also failed to impress were her protests outside of Jennifer Lopez's business offices in New York where she lost her prosthesis leg in a scuffle and a demonstration outside a Gap store.

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